Response for the Towers

the heart's pawn-shop

It was nightmarish. All that was heard was a constant, steady horrible cry. A shout at the endless midnight - a sob at the eternal rain. All revolved around his head – a distressing pain exhausting his mind and frustrating his attitude. A world was in turmoil: disgusting chaos and horrible grief. He needed to hit the escape key, exodus from the constant pandemonium – the suicides, the torture….

Sweating, she awoke, her eyes also burning with fear. She looked through the broken glass, cracked at every side, and peered at this, this doomsday and the fiery inferno that engulfed it. She descended down to what remained of the streets. With teary eyes she stepped through the carnidge lining the ground, making her way to the bloodstained pavilion which was crumbling with every second that past. All that could be smelled was smoke – tinted by sulfur, the smell of death. She entered the pavilion and her heart took a leap. She fell to the floor as screeches of fear emptied from her mouth. She heard a noise, the sound of movement, of steps! What appeared was the boy; shaken as her – fearful of the pain that one could give. With nine tears and eleven screeches, Zahra the girl stood to Zoûq the boy.