Maxwell: Okay…I'm going to warn you right now…THIS STORY CONTAINS YURI and yaoi, but it's based on a soon-to-be yuri couple. This is my first request fiction, please be nice. It's for my friend who I like to call "40". Don't ask…he's still much loved even though I call him really evil names (and you'd better review buddy…make me write the damn thing). It's also a horror fiction, since we both like horror, it ish be awesome. Any-hoot, this is just a prologue, not expecting it to be anything great.

Sweetest Sin


A girl, appearing to be about to age of nineteen, with knee length violet hair and eyes the color of pure gold, sits next to the open window, welcoming the breeze with open arms. She stares at the pale moon, it's so entrancing. She can't help but smile at its forlorn beauty.

A knock at the door; it slowly creaks open. A shadowed figure stands at the entrance, a cool light outlining his lithe body. "Ms. Camille?" He asks, his German accent is soft yet strong. "Are you still looking?"

"Yes," She whispers timidly, she's such a shy girl. "I'm hoping to find them soon…so very soon."

He nods. "You will Miss, but for now, rest. Dawn is soon to come and tomorrow is another night."

She looks out once more at the delicate beauty and sighs. "Yes." She stands and walks over to the door. "Good night Poe." She says, bowing her head slightly.

"And an even better night to you." He whispers, lowering his head greatly.

She smiles as she turns out of the room, making her way down the hall to her chambers. The one known as Poe sighs heavily as he rests himself in the doorframe.

"Where are you young doll?" He asks. "Why must my princess suffer so?"

"That was rather dramatic if I do say so myself." A British accent replied.

Poe sighed. "Oh hush you." He murmurs. "I only want what's best for dear Camille."

"She'll get it when she gets it." The British male replies, tracing Poe's wrist veins. "For now, you should rest as well."

Poe nodded in agreement. "Yes, I'm sure you're right."

"Then," He said, grinning in the dark. "How bout you and me…?"

Poe scoffed. "I don't like sleeping with worms." He exited the doorway. "Good-night." He said as he headed off to his own room.

The other male stood in shock. "Well you bloody hell wouldn't be sleeping with worms!" He called after the soldier. "You'd be sleeping with me!"

-End Prologue-

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