little child

with the weight of the world

on her shoulder

feels like a boulder

but she's pushing on

gotta be strong

her friends are leaning on her

with their money problems

and their sick mamas

and their hurting themselves

and she holds them and swallows it

a pill that makes her want to cry

sometimes it makes her want to die

but no tears will come

her heart is dry

but her mind is racing

her fingers are lacing

holding hands, dancing with destiny

sometimes life is messy

but she sweeps it up

hides it under the rug

cuz life's just tough

it's funny but

she can't remember when it was

the last time she was stroked and rocked

her feelings are locked

under lies she tells to herself

she hides them on a shelf

in a bin

and labels them

"Who I really am"

and they smile at her

and say an impersonal word

but her brown eyes, they lie

Sometimes she's sad, sometimes she high

On life

When she forgets her strife

Forgets the bruises where she's pinched her flesh

Blue marks where she's regressed

Where she forgets

The curve of her hip

Her quiet lip

Is trying to smile

She's come a mile

But she's still got ages to go

Ages to grow

And she curls up in her bed

These are the hours she dreads

Once in a while, she grins

With thoughts of him

And on the good nights, there are tears

And on the bad ones, just fears

She wakes up and looks at her reflection

Gives herself an inspection

And the mirror has no mercy

It tells the truth for her sake

And she touches her skin

The hated stuff she's living in

And her mind races

She sees faces

Thinner ones than hers

Ones she loves but abhors

And she tugs at the crease in her thigh

It tells no lies

Made of a thousand carbs and careless thoughts

And her mind begins to rot

She hates it

But life goes on, they say

And for herself, she's gotta pray

She's balancing everything with one fragile grin

But this girl, if you knew her, you'd know she's gonna win