A Banana is my Best Friend

A banana is my best friend

My buddies think I'm nuts

But it's true; you see his name is Joe

There's no ifs ands or buts

He's fun and sorta rubbery

His skin is very yellow

He doesn't really talk a lot

He's timid, kind of mellow

He likes to play my favorite games

Like basketball and such

I sometimes mistake him for the ball…

But he doesn't mind that much

Joe's really good at acting, see

He's real good at soap ops'

Not only that, but when I'm desperate

I can use him as a prop

His artwork is known all around

It's famous everywhere

Just squish his skin; a masterpiece!

He doesn't really care

In conclusion, Joe is great

He's the best fruit you'll ever meet

But the bad thing about Joe is that

He only lasts a week.