Fruity Love

A strawberry sat in a garden

She sat there and gave a long sigh

"Oh, there's nothing to do!"

She cried, looking blue

But at that moment, her heart seemed to fly.

Right next to the garden beside her

A beautiful carrot lay there

His eyes were so hunky

His body so chunky

And a small tuft of green on for his hair

Their eyes met for only a moment

But they knew it was love at first sight

Her waxy, red body

He just was a hottie

Their love was so true and so tight

So over the course of an hour

To each other they inched nearer and nearer

When they finally met

They boarded the Love Jet

And took off to a world (t'was quite queer)

They loved and they loved past forever

They went out on many a date

But a terrible thing happened

A girl ran out to the garden

Plucked them up and placed them on a plate.

The strawberry look rather scared

The carrot did not really mind

But their lives were not tragic

For the girl was allergic

To vegetables, fruits and to bees

So out of the house they were thrown

To live with each other once more

They had many a baby

Lived 'till they were eighty

Then rotted right down to their cores