My Joker.

Turn around and face me, joker.

Talk to me just once,

Because I deserve it.

Heart stealer, love holder:

You are oblivious. Joker.

We could work you know.

It's always like that.

It could work, joker.

But it couldn't could it? Hah.

Because for you, she might love you back.

She might feel for you in return.

It might work.

And for her, my dear friend:

It could work couldn't it? If he just…


So what are we? A circle?

Yes.Yet I'll always follow you, joker.

And when this is all through…

And it will be –

My heart, fractured, broken again by you,

Part of it will still be by you.

Part of it will be yours…

And hope springs eternal,

If you would just turn around… my joker.