This is one of the poems that I really like, and have actually finished, so please R&R! Even just to tell me it sucks. Please tell me what you think! Or give me suggestions on ways to make it better, or ideas for another poem!

Change of Heart

How dare you

How could you!

I thought we were friends

But I guess this is the end

I thought you were more

I thought at your core,

There was a light

That always shown bright

It's now faded by darkness

It's filled with unfairness

Give me a reason

Of why you changed seasons

You used to be like fall

Always standing tall

Now you're like winter

Like a cold summer

What's with the change of heart?

Couldn't play the part?

Thought we were friends

But I guess this is the end

You stabbed me in the back

And thought I would attack

So you could plan revenge

And drive me off the deep end

But I'll be the bigger person

And not start cursin'

I thought we were friends

But I guess this in the end

We were tight for so long

I thought we shared a special bond

Tell me if I made a mistake

Tell me before it's to late

Was I right to judge

That just because

You were nice to me that one day

That you would be here to stay

At least now I know the real you

I won't mess up next time I chose

You lose

My best friends

Are here till the end