For a long time I have debated putting this story up here. I really do like this story, a lot, but I was just going to write it and send it in and see if I could get it published. With as slow as I am, I doubt that will ever happen. So, here is another story of mine entitled Chimera. This one has it's own language, so I will post that later. Usually they explain what they are saying, but for all of you who really want to know, I will post it. Thank you, please leave me a comment .

In the future, the world is left with little hope of survial. All around those left alive was more death and heatred than anyone could possibly remember. The danting fact always hung over their head that at any moment, the planet could be crushed into pieces. Few remain with the courage and hope that something will come, that something will save them from this eternal pain. For their only hopes lies in the past, with the secretes to the barrier of their world.

Finally, their savior has arrived, looking almost identical to their enemy. Can this man who speaks the language of the ancestors truly be the one to save them? Or is he truly his own worse enemy?

Time is running out, and the Sanctuary is running out of options. Hope fills them, as they put their hearts in the hands of the one who might be trying to destroy the world.