Chapter 1

"The time has come to stand up and fight!"

The classic rock song blasted through out the car as the teenager drove to his destination. With many thoughts on his mind besides just where he was going, he ended up going the wrong way. He then decided that maybe teenagers shouldn't be able to drive, considering they have too much on their minds already. Like girls...

He quickly shook the though from his head, reminding himself he would always think of girls. He sighed as he made a quick U-turn to head back to where he was suppose to go in the first place. It just had to be that his father called him when he was on his way to the beach, and asked him to pick up his sister. Of all the girls in the world he thought about, his sister was not one of them. They always got into fights, and sadly enough, she usually won them. She was just too damn stubborn to drop the subject, so he would usually first.

The rock faded away from the background, and some sort of news report replaced it.

"And now for news of the world. Reconstruction of the O-zone layer has began in Srihugan, Gin. Scientist are certain that they can find away to bring the O-zone back to at least half potential by 3513. We will keep you posted on just how they are coming. In other news, rock star Steven Kilar has been arrested again for trying to steal a hover car in New Gina last week. He will go to trial tomorrow, and may receive up to two years in prison."

"Man, that sucks," he sighed. "No new music from Steven any time soon."

The lady went on in the background about more news, and eventually, he got bored and changed the station to find a happy love song called "Love is my love." He grumbled, and quickly changed the station. Unhappy about his choices, he got mad and just turned it off completely.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head, and placed his hand at it to try and ease the pain. This was going to be the perfect day, he was going to go to the beach, and flirt with some girls, and now things were slowly getting worse and worse. He had never had a migraine, but he was sure he was experiencing one now.

Eventually, he made his way to the front of Belle's Dance School. He set the car down on the ground, and stumbled out, almost falling to the ground himself. He straightened back up, and made his way up to the front door.

He walked in, and looked around for his little sister, but she was nowhere in sight.

"Great," he sighed, sitting down in a chair. He watched as many girls came and went, and his sister still never came. Just as he decided he was just going to leave in five minutes, he felt a slight tapping on his shoulder.

He turned his head to that his purple eyes met with a pair of odd eyes. One was green, and the other blue, with dark brown hair trailing gently across her face, and back. Her dark hair was slightly accented with the addition of blond highlights. He blushed seeing just how beautiful she was, and her well formed chest.

"Are you Zen?" she questioned. All he could do was nod fiercely, messing up his green hair. She couldn't help but giggle, "Your sister sent me to find you."

He looked past the girl to see his sister hiding behind a corner. So, that's the way you wanna play? Send a hot girl to talk to me, trying to make it seem like she likes me! That's it about a taste of you own medicine.

"Well, who cares about my sister, what are you doing today?"

This time, it was her turn to blush. "Um...nothing now."

"How about you and I head down to the beach, and have some time...alone."

The girl couldn't help but giggle, and hid her beautiful face in her hands. She began to fiercely nod herself, and Zen couldn't help but smile. Of course, with in seconds, Martina was at their side, with enough fumes bursting from her to burn the whole place down.

"Oh, aren't you Mr. Hot stuff!" shouted Martina.

Zen rolled his eyes and looked the other way, "Here we go again..."

"Um...maybe I should go..." said the girl, inching away.

"No you don't get out that easily Rinet! I told you to talk to him, not go on a date with him! You said you would help me get back at him!"

"You didn't say he was so damn hot!"

Zen smirked and shrugged, "Can't deny the truth Martina!"

He knew that his last comment would push her over the edge, but he just couldn't help it. She lunged herself at him, and he just got up and moved. He moved to the main hallway and started to wall to the balcony that over looked a garden. Of course Martina was behind him all the way.

Stopping, Zen looked down at the garden below, surprised at just how healthy these flowers were compared to the ones out side. Zen turned to see his sister finally catching up to him with a bright red face.

"What's wrong sis? Are you jealous? Did you have your eyes on her first?" he laughed.

Martina growled, and fisted her hands tightly at her side.

"You know Zen, you are the biggest baby I have ever met!"

"Oh, your words are killing me. Oww...right in the heart!"

He laughed, and leaned back against the railing, hearing it creak in protest. Now he knew he should have stopped a long time ago, and that the best idea was to just drop the entire thing. Though, he just loved to see his sister squirm the way she did, even if it did cause a fight between them.

Zen eventually noticed that she wasn't moving anywhere fast, so he began to walk away. Before he got too far, she reached out and pushed him back against the railing. This time it gave an even louder creaking noise. However, this time the loud creak was followed by a snap.

Zen was falling backward, and gravity was going to take him all the way to the garden below. He reached out the grab onto the part of the railing that hadn't broke, but it was just out of his reach. Realizing that even if he had grabbed it, it would probably break as well anyway.

As he began to fall into oblivion he finally occurred to him, he just might die. Oh, what a great way for him to go out. Being pushed by his little sister into a faulty railing, and falling into a garden to his death.

Frantically, he tried to find a way to save himself, but there was none. He continued to fall until he knew he would fall no more. Gravity, once again, was his enemy.

Eventually, he lost his struggle, and slammed into the ground full force. He entire body hurt, but his head hurt most of all. Though, it didn't hurt that bad, it just felt like his migraine was back.

He sat up and rubbed the back of his head, groaning as it pulsated under his touch. He looked up to see Martina staring down at him with a fearful look on her face. He sighed, placing his arms on his knees, glaring up at her.

"I'm fine Martina, don't look like that," he sighed.

Though, her expression didn't change. She just kept whispering something to herself, and though he couldn't hear her, he read her lips.

She was saying, 'Oh my god' over and over again. Rinet came to her side, and looked down at Zen for a long time. She then turned to Martina and began to scream at her.

"What the hell were you thinking Martina! He might be dead!" she shouted.

"Don't you think I know that? Oh my God...what have I done?"

"Hello?" called out Zen, getting to his feet. "I'm ok guys, my head just hurts a little."

"Rinet, go call an ambulance, I'll go see if he is still breathing."


The two girls took off in different directions. Martina hurried her way down the stairs, looking past Zen the whole time. He growled, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Gosh Martina, you act all worried, and now you won't even look at me! You are so going to get it..."

She ran right past him, and threw herself down onto the ground behind him. He turned to see just what she had thrown herself onto.

His body lay there on the ground, with a pool of blood all around him. Martina was sobbing hiding her face deep in his chest. She gasped, and began to cry even harder, hitting his chest.

"Come on Zen! You can't die!" she cried.

Zen took a step back, feeling as if he were about to faint. This couldn't be real; he wasn't seeing his lifeless body lying on the ground. He refused to be watching himself die, or already be dead.

He began to bang his head with his fist, growling in pain. He tried desperately to wake himself from his horrible nightmare, but no daylight would come. This was reality, and he was watching himself die.

"No," he whispered. After a few more pounds, he began to shout, "This isn't real! NO! I refuse to die!"


He gasped, turning his head to see a bright light that made his head hurt even more. A shadowy figure appeared in the light, extending its hand toward Zen. The light moved, and was filling the entire room. Taking them away from the horror of reality.'s time to come home.

He just stared for a long time, wondering if this was God standing in front of him. No, it couldn't be God...maybe an angel? All right, now he couldn't take these horrible thoughts any more.

"NO!! I'm not ready to die!" he shouted.

The figure seems to giggle.

Zen, you aren't going to are just going to go home.

He began to calm down, "Where is home?"

The figure turned, and began to walk into the light, Zen quickly followed after it. It was then that he heard the distant echo as he disappeared in the light.

Follow me, and you will see.