Toiling in the mud and grime,

Hoping to make something worth a glance.

Striving to please the masses strolling pass,

The ones who don't even seem to pay attention anyway.


My hair is matted, my clothes torn, my face dirty

With streaks of black and brown

Interrupted by crooked trails of my falling tears

As each earthly day I fall back into the mud as

A failure.


I present you with a piece forged from my heart,

Sweat and


Flashing silver in the dull rays of the sun.

Interlaced with the very essence of my soul,

Set with tiny diamond tears that fell as I slaved for you,

Slaved to please you.


It shines and glistens among the dirt and blood upon my hands

Seeming almost an ironic contrast.

You take the object from my hands,

Inspect it with your unseeing eyes and ignorance of beauty.

Your thick brows come together as you glower down at me

With a look you would bestow upon a parasitic insect.

The lowest of the low,

For that is all you ever see me as.


With a sneer you hurl my piece back into the slime I kneel in,

Claiming it to be worthless trash, that I can do so much better.

Angry tears threaten to fall as I open my mouth to protest,

Only to receive a harsh backhand across the face,

Leaving a reddened mark upon my already marred skin,

Reminding me of my place among you,

Reminding me that I am a slave,

And you the master.


How can I do better when I poured everything into it?

When night and day I bled to give you what you seek,

Only to have you spit upon it and call it garbage?

My blood, sweat, heart, and soul is what I gave unto you.

Is that not enough?

Must I give you more?

What more does the master desire?

I know not what else I can give you.

Though, perhaps there is one thing.

That is what you truly desire, is it not?

My everything, everything.

What you want is

My life.

And that is the very thing I cannot give you,

For it is the one thing that is still



You have taken everything else.

Something needs to remain for me to be whole,

Something you cannot destroy with your hatred and greed,

Something I know God Himself protects for me,

So back off!

My life isn't yours.

It's MINE!