A/N: I wrote this as an assignment in my Writer's Craft class in October of this year...It was a Halloween thing where we were in a dark room with candles and a tape of sounds, and we had to write a story based on the sounds we heard. This is what I came up with and I rather like it.smile

† Purgatorying †

Footsteps spalsh as the rain pours down.

Pulling her coat close around her, she walks with her hea doen, in effort to avoid the rain.

Startled by the crackling thunder, she looks up into the ebony sky and watches as lightening streaks through the air.

Stepping into the dark house, she softly mutters under her breath- the power's out again.

Fumbling around, fire sparks to life and rests on a candle as she makes her way up the old stairs to her room.

The door to her room is open- and so is her window.

Rushing in to shut it, she muses-'That's funny, I closed my door this morning.'

As this thought crosses her mind, she catches her reflection in the mirror and her candle flickers.

Beside her dimm reflection is another face- a white face without eyes and blackness.

Not being one to scare easily, she averts her gaze from the mirror and realizes she's still the only one in the room.

Something in the mirror caught her attention again- there's the face again, with its black figure sitting on her bed,

right behind her.

'This is nuts', she thinks, and leaves the room, whre se hears the sound of a tap dripping.

The plumbing in the house was never as it used to be, but after a legnthy search, she found no source of the sound.

Finding her search had lead her downstairs, she heard a sound outside and opened the door to reveal a black cat.

Gesturing the cat away, she looks outside before she shuts the door.

Making her tea in the kitchen, she feels a presence behind her- and hears raspy breathing.

Turning around, the figure from the mirror is starring at her with its blank eyes-

and she finds she has no voice to scream.

'Besides, who would hear you?', a voice echoes in her brain.

Her mind races- the demon is getting closer; its breath filling the air- so she's breathing in his spirit.

She can't fight - she feels the stregnth drain from her body.

One last gasp for air as her soul is released.

The blue light shimmers for a few moments, as if saying 'good-bye' to its owner.

The demon snatches at the blue light; enveloping it in darkness where it shines no more- and smiles.

He is now free- he's taken his last Human soul, and his reign in Purgatory has been completed.

The world is his for the next fifteen minutes.