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¤§ Costume for a Gutterball §¤

Her mask kept on slipping as she tangled herself in the bodies surrounding her. Music drummed in her ears, light danced in her eyes, and her feet struggled to keep their balance. Pushing her way through the ladies as she edged towards the wall, Kathleen found a deserted space and rested. Releasing her mask from its pins in her golden-brown hair, she let it gracefully fall to her waiting hands while she surveyed the ball.

Streams of color adorned tall columns, silver and gold inter-twined along table runners, the dark mahogany of the ornate chairs reflected the candle-lit room. Glitter dusted all of the surfaces, the walls were brightened with their candle-lit sconces, and servants mingled amongst the richly-dressed party-goers.

Kathleen watched the squalor from the sidelines until she saw a dark-haired gentleman approach. Moving silently down the wall in hopes of being left alone, Kathleen noted that the gentleman was persistent and relentless in his perusal. "May I have this dance?", his honey-sweet voice glided over the open air, his body closing the distance between them rapidly.

Searching the room for a distraction, she caught her mother's steady gaze, and relaying her emotions across the gulf, was motioned to dance with the persistent gentleman. Before Kathleen's voice found itself in her throat, he was gliding across the floor with her, and all she could do was stumble to keep up. Hearing the music change, he swept her into a waltz, all the while diminishing the space between them-all so flawlessly it seemed natural and went un-noticed to all but Kathleen.

As his grip tightened around her waist, she held her breath-attempting to create a semblance of space between their bodies. Noticing this attempt, the gentleman held her all the tighter, and smiled down at her. Kathleen set her eyes cold and dismissive, but he mistook this for assent, and did not release her. She feared any squirming would be too obvious, and it was not wise to squirm in such close proximity to him. Her fear was growing rapidly, bubbling under her skin, making her radiate a cold shiver. She once again cast her eyes around the crowded fete, wishing she could be anywhere else but here. The song ended; he did not release her from his grasp.