¢¼ Knocking on Heaven's Door ¢¼

Knocking on Heaven's Door

I stand silent

Light surrounds me; I can't feel it anymore

It's dark, too dark to see

I cant think anymore

The remaining feelings I cradle

Slowly slip between my existience and my extinction

Eyes see a million things; but are blinded by the light

Darkness wraps itself in light; a convincing shroud

I forget why I'm knocking...my memory fades with every effort

to remember

I look up, see the pure glow; regain the shattered fragments once lost

I have become whole once again; rejoined by the Light unfalse in its pretense

The edges of memory faintly lighted with bright colors start to fade;

as I enter a new conciousness-a stream of visions that interlock,

Producing a whole result- I have found it- the means to the end

Falling back, I'm propelled in the air...back to my body, back to where I need to be;

Until I can return Home once again