Cassandra Freiborg



"Apathy and Empathy" By Cassandra Freiborg 3/2/05

I long to be away from here,

grown so tired of holding this pose,

hiding behind a smile so fake,

feeling more like a stranger each time I come home.

Its not as if I haven't tried,

to calm my restless soul,

there are just so many things in life,

I have yet to know.

And I'm up so late at night,

just trying to get some sleep,

and my mind refuses to accept the fact,

that its allowed any kind of peace.

My thoughts have grown so restless too,

thinking life doesn't last long at all,

so how can the universe be so enormous,

yet our existance here so small?

And I've given up on trying to see,

beyond people's guarded stares,

because the truths that lie beneath,

are so much more than I can bear.

Its impossible to watch the news,

I just stare apathetically at the screen,

anything could be better,

than the obituaries on TV.

And school is just a blur,

everyone walks mindlessly to class,

nobody really cares anyway,

we just want the days to pass.

But there's a thousand words I've written,

and now my mind is burried,

and I'm being crushed by all my thoughts and words,

that I've grown too tired to carry.

And I'd go anywhere about now,

I understand the weight of human hearts,

instead I'll play sad chords on the guitar,

waiting for this empathy to depart.