Once upon a time
In the haze of youth
A mysterious figure appeared
Out of the ether of the adult world

His name was Thanatos

We cry before we understand him
We cry after we think we understand him
We cry until we finally do understand him

As children we never really understood him
He was the reason we never saw Grandma anymore
Why we went to the cemetery once a year
And watched as grandpa cried silently
A being veiled in shadow and mystery
And as he brought in his harvest we wept
Tears of innocence and sorrow without comprehension
And we cried before we understood him

Time passes
The Creator's brush is dipped in emotion
And He paints upon the canvas of our souls
Experience dabbed lightly with the brush of Time
We learn as we grow
And we learn of Death
And its finality
And we weep for our losses

We turn around and finally see his shadow fall upon us
Some turn and try to flee from him their entire lives
Others embrace him lovingly and worship him in their blood
Pathways of thought like roots grow from the tree of death
I shall take you down one of these, one of the most nourishing

Life is a circle
Birth and death touch one another
Thanatos' craft is little more than completion
And all the suffering and unique pains of this world
All of this ends with his infinitely relaxing touch
He brings relief from the suffering of this world
He ushers us into the next

Yet also his touch brings us more
The wisdom to properly appreciate what we have
To examine and value life in the light of death
And to appreciate its finality by living life more fully
Death, in its own way, adds flavor and value to life

Even though he takes much from us
To those who seek wisdom he gives as well

And so without ever haven actually spoken with Thanatos
I have heard his words and his wisdom upon the wind
And he has taught me to value life all the more