I Miss Him

Don't try to hide; you've got nothing to prove

The world's going to judge you, and it's not fair

That it has such an effect on you

I don't understand it; why do you care?

Despite your acts, performances, and masks

On you, they shall take no pity

Merciless hounds feast on the unretreivable past

Accidents, glances, all in this small city

Starless nights, wishless dreams

Restless hours, so long it seems

Since that night, when the headlights gleamed

The world was at peace

My world was at peace

The stars were asleep

Caught up in their dreams

The planets gazed down upon my solemn soul

Made me whole

Whispered every word

Answered every question

Finished every incomplete thought and feeling

And I had never talked to

The you you were then

I miss him now

He's lost in his reputation


Did we grow so apart?