One cannot hide from the eyes of
A piercing glaze,
a quick temper (or is it?)
She is always watching for
people to be cast
in the light of Her determination

I bow, delicately, upon feet
of eternal gratitude
for the blessing of friendship
She bestowed upon me.

She knows not an admirer's
for her strong-willed spirit.
To be acknowledge, let alone
be comforted-
is a blissful reunion
of hope and joy
upon the receiver.

To speak to Her without a stutter
is an achievement worth
more then a thousand words
could ever say.

You all ask me,
am I a servant to Her divine inner
Neigh, I am not.

She welcomes me with opened arms
of greatness
and kisses my forehead
I am

Forever shall I be
an equal, a friend.

AN: Dedicated to Rinnie, my best friend ever. I hope you enjoyed this.