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Each Character present here are fictional. They came from my own imagination and therefore not real...

Dance of Lament



Thud… thud… the sound of her heart beat goes in a fashionable rhythm, never failing to skip a beat, continuously. It went like that for a nearly a minute or two. Her eyes, wide open… a hawk watching its prey, lustfully, cautiously…, but this time, it was different. Her eyes reflect no prey nor lust, nor longing. It reflects such mixed emotions which no words can be found as a means of simplifying or to give clarity to what is felt. A mix of anger, tragedy, lost, shock, frightened, and mostly death… Yes. Death can be seen through her eyes as it slowly change its lively colour of rich golden yellow, into crimson red,… blood red. You have just experienced one of her many visions, visions that she and even you, wanted to escape from. Visions that she and you wanted to throw away, visions that she wanted to forget, bury and curse. A burden.

She has been having the same dream for a month now. Everyday, new horrid things would be added to the collection of her horrible archives. Every single day, she would wake up with the same frightened eyes, wrapping her shivering frame as she sit there, facing the window which only revealed more darkness, and a hint of moon light. "It's okay… everything will be alright" She would tell herself, while running her fingers up and down her arms as a means of comfort.

"You shouldn't be here…"

"You don't belong here…"

"Go back… let us be…"

"What was that… and who was that…" She has been hearing the same haunting, dreaded words everyday. Her dream was followed by these disturbing, unexplained words that always left her with uncertainty, self doubt and questions, questions concerning time, her existence, the world around her, and the fact that she seems to be not wanted, by someone…by everyone. This tortured her, every time she heard these words; inevitable pain strikes her heart, driving her mad beyond self adherence. Confusions crowding her innocent mind, if you can still call it that, filling it with images and memories she cannot understand. Memories. or was it… but whose?... hers?... others?...

"You are such a fool Kana..."


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