I say to you
That you are nothing
What is left in anything
For me to enjoy
Now that you are here?

You have a nerve
To smile at me
You're my friend
And how I abhor you!
You'd never guess
That I weep
Every time you smile
There is something in me
So repulsive
I cannot explain

I spit
And I imagine that I spit at you:
You make me paranoid
With a misplaced word
Your joy
Makes me stay up late
Decrying your every talent

I am disabled
And mutated
And horribly crippled
By what is in my head
And what is flowing through my veins
I have never felt such fury as this
So indignance
It is not hate
It is not pure
So petty
And undignified
And horrified
By what I am
You are my friend
And if you were gone
I would be fine.