Who's that in the mirror?

I recognize her face

Yet I didn't want to see her

For the rest of my days

I thought you were gone

Yet I guess you're still here

Within me forever

And you tell me no fear

You talk to me of wonders

Of the world I've never known

Of reasons why to love

Of why I should go home

You wipe away the tears

That have always stained my cheeks

I cry to you I'm pitiful

You say I've never been weak

You console my every thought

You hold me when I fall

And when I see no light

You claim there's always more

You follow me wherever I go

And you never turn around

Even when I'm lost

I know I shall be found

You take my hand when I cry

You say rest assure

For even when all love is gone

You're never truly poor

You tell me of fairytales

Of fair maidens and prince

The ways of the old

And how they always meet

You tell me that one day

My prince will come to me

And when that day comes

I shall know it is to be

You tell me I'm beautiful

And I'm worth every breathe

You tell me I'm worth it

Worth more than death

You tell me to never give in

No matter the tough times

For you're always there

I'm always on your mind

You tell me to rest now

It has been a long day

A life time of trials

Of heartache and dismay

Who's that in the mirror?

I recognize her face

I better tell her I love her

Before it gets too late

By Siobhan