Don't love me boy it hurts too much

It'll rip my heart away

And the many moments you are with me

I'll wish you didn't stay

Don't take my hand and worship thou

It's a silly thing to do

For as the time does pass by

I don't want to be with you

Don't try to make me stay together

Don't hold me so I stand

Let me crumble and be alone

You would never understand

Don't stop me from crying

Don't dry these tears

For I only cry of love

What I deeply fear

Let the black cover me up

Let the silence pore

Let the wind howl its song

As death comes to my door

I'll greet it with open arms

And a smile on my face

For I new since I saw you

This would be my fate

I'm sorry boy for loving you

But it could never work out

For my deal is with the devil

And for him love is doubt

You gave me hope for a while

But you never gave me trust

And for that I'm sorry boy

But don't love me, it hurts to much

By Siobhan

Date: 12/January/2005