She said why wouldn't he want me

I can see the reason

I can see why

I'm me

I'm different

I'm not afraid

Of being human

Of having a heart

Of saying nice things

And meaning them

I won't cry

I won't give in

And I will pursue

My heart's desires

I don't care if you hurt me

For it won't cause pain

Unless I let it

She said

I don't need a boy

To smile

I merely need to

Look in the mirror

And know that I AM BEAUTIFUL

I just need to know

From myself


I just need to realise




By those who really matter

As in the end

It's those who really care

That shall hold your hand

Look into your eyes

And never leave your side

They will tell you

You ARE beautiful

Because your smile lights up my world

And you eyes reflect our times together

The times which made us cry

The times which made us laugh

The times where we knew

We would never go separate ways

You are beautiful as I can see it in ever inch of you

Inside and out

You ARE worth it

As you are here

You have helped me

You have shown me the light

And guided me throughout the dark

And I know

You shall always hold me

When I need your strength to carry on

You are worth it because you know you are

You ARE loved

And I say this with no empty words

But with a truth that can only come from

The heart and soul

You are a friend in my life

Whom I respect and care for

I would go to the depths of the oceans

The end of the world

And to the very limit of space

Just to see you smile

You are loved

As I love you with my heart and soul

You ARE wanted

As I care about you

And it's you I shall turn to

For advice

For comfort

You I shall seek when I cry

Or when I want to share a joke

Or when I simply want to have a good time

We hold memories

Of fond and bad

We hold tears and smiles

You are wanted

As you make me who I am

You ARE needed

Because I need you

I need you to breathe

To smile

To laugh

To cry

And even to scream

When things become too much

I know you would take me into your arms and hold me

I need you because you help me to

Move one

To be happy

To talk

To ditch the no good boyfriend

And to stand up for myself

You are needed

As without you

I would have no purpose

In life

And in return

I know you would tell me

I am beautiful

I am worth it

I am loved

I am wanted

I am needed

But the only reason why we are these things

Is because we have each other

Always and forever

And never ever would I let go

By Siobhan

Date: 3/febuary/2005