The inevitable changes

I'd like to say we'd never change

We'd always stay the same

And simple children's fantasies

Were amongst our only shame

I'd like to grow old and frail

And not look upon a past

Something of mere mourning

Tears that shouldn't' last

I'd wish upon any star

To see who I'd become

But we cannot see the future

When it hasn't yet began

I'd like to always smile

And never shed a tear

To see love and laughter every where

And have naught to fear

But unfortunately as the years do gain

We may not experience the best

We have so many trials to over some

And we must learn to accept

Things do happen

Tragedy does become

But we are made to move on

As does the setting sun

Some people who were dear

Are always left behind

But they never leave our hearts

It's the sad part of life

You'll also have some friends

Who'll disappear in a wink

But the truest friends you'll find

You shant have to seek

I know I haven't been the best

Or there for you all the time

I know I do lack some things

And I know that I have lied

I do realise we are different

And that shall stay the same

And I do know that life is a gift

And shouldn't be treated like a game

Yet I've gone through some issues

And this is how I treat

My own ways of faster healing

Just try not to freak

I understand I have changed

We have turned different ways

And the small things which bothered us

Are now giant waves

We both feel we have drifted

But it is never the end

As long as we are here

We are still good friends

By Siobhan

Date: 3/March/2004