Go Stop
By Jay McFadden
Parody of
Can't Stop

(Parody #05)

Go, stop, There's chaos on the highway.
It's like this every day, but friday.
Try to avoid the devistation.
Following your own sense of direction.

Wandering aimlessly on the road.
Going against the things that you're told.
Try desperately to find a short-cut.
Don't want to get yourself into a rut.

Rush hour always creeping closer.
Main highways getting close to closure.
Traffic is building up in statement.
Better move fast or get off the pavement.

Push down the peddle to go faster.
Run red lights as if they don't matter.
You got a traffic cop's attention.
Fly now, avoide the humiliation.

The bluring brights.
The engine pops.
The honking fights.
Freeway, go, stop.
Wondering why it does this to you.
With traffic lights.
Determined cops.
You have no rights.
Press on, go, stop.
Just wanna' get there before noon.

The chase is wearing out your motor.
I guess you do get what you paid for.
Your luck has come, rush hour set in.
The cop is gone, but now you're stuck again.

Road rage from the car that's behind you.
But go is something you cannot do.
The cars in front of you arn't pass-through.
Will they go again? You just never knew.

Tic-toc, you count up every minute.
Think traffic crawls just 'cause you're in it.
Now the red lights are dissapearing.
Gang way, I'm gunna' do some mad steering.

Don't stop, you know their waiting for it.
Better to take control and floor it.
But fate will now take control of things.
Tell me what red lights and a state cop brings?

The sun is hot.
The sweat will drop.
Stuck in one spot.
No way, go, stop.
Why must this always happen to you?
Now speed you've got.
Here comes a cop.
Your brain will rot.
Insane, go, stop.
I really hope all this ends soon.

Well I think I'll just run a red light of doom. I need through.
They won't notice me going one hundred and two. Well who knew?
Ten more tickets that I need to pay at noon. Whoopty doo.
You're not crazy, they really are out to get you. And me too.

Go, stop, still chaos on the highway.
Found out it's still like this on friday.
Can't you people just give me a break?
No, don't stop, you're giving me a head-ache.

Try to get home as fast as you can.
Your car heats up like a frying pan.
Turn onto the normal road again.
You feel this road trip has come to an end.

But wait, there's traffic lights to greet you.
Go, stop, and now the traffic's there too.
Plow through, you don't wait for them to move.
Going so fast, like there's something to prove.

Fly by, and now you're over shooting.
Now stop, you must get back your rooting.
Don't recognise the road you're now on.
Drive around and hope you're home before dawn.

Your vision's getting pretty weary.
This trip is far from ordinairy.
And now what you see will make you feel deseased.
coming to a road only to find it's the first street.

Now stare in doubt of what you pre-view.
All that will now become a re-do.

(Note: This is how I feel whenever I go on a road trip. Everyone is against me and they all help eachother. If you have this feeling when on the road, welcome to my world! Glad to have ya.)