The Parody
By Jay McFadden
Parody of
The Middle

(Parody #06)

Make sure you don't forget.
No lyrics in your head can be left out, and none are wrong.
Just write your best.
Change anything you can.
And don't you panic if you mess up words, they can be changed.

It just takes a rhyme!
Add a little bit of dribble to fill time!
Anythin' you add in will be just fine!
But nothin' that's put in should cause a fight!
That's right!

Don't make two lines the same.
You change most repeating lines a little, if it fits in.
Then write it down.
And write it yourself.
It could never really be your own work if you get help.

You just make a rhyme!
Put a little tiny riddle, must fill time!
Everythin' that's put in, will all be fine!
And nothin' added in can be too bright!
That's right!

You can fake a rhyme!
Make it little, bend the middle, it takes time!
When it's in' stretch it thin, it's not a crime!
Take it in, it will win, don't get up-tight!
That's right!


(Guitar solo)

Just so you don't forget.
If any words in your song don't make sense, change them around.
Make it the best. (Make it the best.)
The very best you can. (The very best you can.)
Don't copy off of someone elses art, make it your way.

Just make up a rhyme!
With a little made up jingle, fill up time!
Add somethin' that fits in, complete the line!
With some insperation it will be tight!
That's right!

When you have a rhyme!
Mix a little phrase or diddle, don't waste time!
If somethin' don't fit in, just chill, you're fine!
change somethin', then your in, you'll be all right...

(Note: I made this song in an attempt to tell others how to make parodies. Not sure how much it helps, but it tells you most of the rules that I follow when I write one.)