Just Can't Sleep At Night
By Jay McFadden
Parody of
The Kids Aren't Alright

(Parody # 07)

The clock is chimin', it just hit midnight.
I'm still awake 'cause I can't sleep right.
Every time the kitchen faucet leaks.
Just brings me closer to insanity.

The bed sheets were thrown on the floor.
I just can't take staying up anymore.
How can I get some sleep?!
And still get up at five?!

Tried NyQuil!
Still no Z's!
Longing for a good night's sleep!
Closed my eyes!
Quiet please!
One more noise, leave me be! (No!)

(Guitar Solo #1)

Well then I got sick, had some coughing fits.
Now I'm up again, This just will not quit.
Got a drink of water, the coughing stopped.
Now got a head-ache and I sneeze a lot.

Back in bed, roll to my side.
Took Advil once or twice.
But I left the TV on!
I need sleep, it's now passed three!

Well you know!
I envy!
All those guys who are sleeping!
Wide awake!
Hold my knees!
One more noise, leave me be! (No!)

(Guitar solo #2)

Five o-clock!
Didn't sleep!
Now at work, Give me coffee!
On the job!
Catch some Z's!
Fired now, but I sleep!

(Note: Behold the american dream! Sleeping on the job! How lovely.)