Come On, Let's Play Again
By Jay McFadden
Parody of
Damnit, I changed again

(Parody #09)

Hey, come inside.
Check out this new game I bought.
(It's called "Insane Speed Way.")
Warm up your engine and let's go.

Ready, set, go!

At first you turn around!
It's insane!
Kind of a crazy game!

Then take flight!
Miss the bend!
Lost this time!
Come on, let's play again!

Now I can see.
You've practiced the day before.
(I'm going to win this race.)
What I did yesterday.
Won't happen anymore.

Well then let's go!

It doesn't make any sence.
He seems so confident today.
(I'm going to win this race.)
But I won't let that get to me.

Ready, set, go!

This time he turned around!
Took first place!
But he's not in my way!

Made a right!
I passed him!
He's behind!
It's wearing on his head!

Round and round!
Dizzy pains!
Now he's back in tenth place!

Try to fight!
Can't pretend!
Then he died!
Sorry, come back again!

(Guitar Solo)

One more round!
I have changed!
So I plugged in the game!

He was right!
Flew ahead!
I'm behind!
But I'm not out just yet!

Zoom around!
Second place!
But got lapped, that's insane!

One more round!
Lapped again!
Crossed the line!
Come on, let's play again!

Said he was moving too slow!
Once more, let's go!

Still beat it!

(Note: This game doesn't really exsist, but it sounds like something a certain friend of mine would make. I won't say his name, but he's a little crazy.)