My Butt Is Wider
By Jay McFadden
Parody of
Eye Of The Tiger

(Parody #11)

As I walk, right down the street,
You can see I've had changes.
I block traffic and I can't see my feet.
I don't think that I will ever drive.

Some people say I'm getting too fat,
But I don't see why they worry.
I've got the edge on other's who are fat.
I can crush them all with my behind.

Oh yes, my butt is wider!
Don't you put up a fight!
I can eat more than Garfield, I am a whale!
And the fat makes me perfect!
I am round day and night!
And you have no real beef
because my butt is wider.

Slip and slide becomes the street.
It is rough to be chunky.
But I thank god I can beat man on feet.
Roll down hill, what a thrill, fastest time.

You see, my butt is wider,
And I feel it's all right!
So the belt size I wear now is equator!
Everything spins around me!
I'm my own world tonight!
You don't have any beef
Because my butt is wider.

Feels like I'm going to pop.
Every step cracks the pavement.
But I'm at large, so I'm not gunna stop.
Biggest man that you will ever find.

You know, my butt is wider!
I am larger than life!
All of the sumo wrestlers look like marbles!
Don't think that you will weigh more,
When I'm all that's in sight!
You just have no real beef
because my butt is wider.

Yes my butt is wider.
That's right, I am wider.
Don't think you are wider.
Just face it, I'm wider.
Said blimp to the glider...

(Note: I am not fat, I'm probably skinnier than you are. I am not making fun of fat people, I am telling you fat people to feel proude. You can kill all of us if you wanted to. If you still feel offended, Just remember that Weird Al did stuff like this, so I should be allowed to also. So naa!)