Too Nell
By Jay McFadden
Parody of

(Parody #15)

All day sitting in this work I'm fakin'.
I don't even try at all.
All right, now people are buggin me.
I guess I'll lift my feet,
Because tomorrow I just might do something.

Hold on.
Why are you saying that I am lazy?
You're out of your mind.

Well I'm not Lazy, I always test the door bell.
Ican't believe you can't tell.
I sleep in beds to test integrity.
Don't say that I'm lazy.
I'm not lazy, I have sat in every chair.
I tell you not to stand there.
And watch the clock to tell ya' when to leave.
This job is not easy... see?

Stick around and talk to people.
Playing the video games.
Well I know I sometimes take a nap in between.
I won't lift a finger.
But I can watch anything you leave in front of me.
Sittin' all these hours, thinkin'.
Somehow you've all gone blind.

'Cause I'm not Lazy, Just give me another yell.
I'll send someone to go help.
Using the couch and watching the TV.
Just think what that could mean.
I'm not lazy, I even comb my own hair.
If you want work, I can share.
But you should know my job is not easy.
'Cause I am not lazy.

I am walkin' in my sleep.
Makin' sure the floor is not weak.
Yeah, I'm workin' every day.

I'm not Lazy, I'm just a little too nell.
I can't do much by my self.
But if you watch, it's work you'll see from me.
I'm making popcorn, see?
I'm not lazy, Look at the clothes that I wear.
Who would you guess put them there?
I'm willing to enjoy your company.
Just don't call me lazy.

'Cause I am not lazy.
And I work for free.
Yeah, I'm just a little too nell.
I'll put up my feet.
Then I'll get some sleep.
You don't believe me, oh well.

(Note: I am not this lazy, but it sounds fun.)