By Jay McFadden
Parody of

(Parody #17)

Now I will start tampering.
Better keep distant from me.
I'm messin' with stuff that's inside my house.
Crossed some wires, then lights went out.

I mess with things I should let be.
(Trouble started)
And what I did's now mad at me.
(Fried the socket)
Then I get shocked and now I'm down upon my knees.

Oh yeah, How all the sparks fly, yeah.
Got thrown through the sky, yeah.
Then I didn't know where I was.

It's time for more tampering.
Those words brought pain for me to feel.
Just fixin' door bells in the rain, then ounch.
Wanted in, but I flew out.

I'm flying free from all that juice.
(It was shockin')
And I can't see, 'cause I've been fused.
(Now I'm dropin')
Think I need a couple hours to re-group.

Oh yeah, That really was a trip, yeah.
It felt like I was hit, yeah.
Now I didn't know who I was.

I did some more tampering.
This is my mistake, you see?
Got some of the fuses all wrong.
Who knew pain could last so long?

So what happend was the greens
I tried to cross with the red ones.
And then suddenly I couldn't feel.
Oh no, my clothes are smokin'.
Then all the volts from all the lines
Infused as one and then blew right through me.

See what that just did to me?
Lit up like a Christmas Tree.
Ooh, ooh. Who knew?

(Note: Side effects may include shock, burn, dizzyness, coma, tingling sensations, loss of sight, loss of hearing, loss feelling, loss of taste, memory loss, flying through the air, wetting yourself, strange smells, Combustion, and in some rare cases, death. Tampering is not for everyone. Please consult your docter before use.)