5 Car Pile-Up By Jay McFadden Parody of All My Friends Are Metalheads

(Parody #22)

Sometimes you get brave.
Out in the rage.
But the cars are moving faster than you might think.
You think that you can just pass through.

So you think it's safe.
You cannot wait.
Just put your foot Down on the gas.
Try not to think Of what just might happen to you.

Didn't look for any Space you could fit in!
You're on the road with your Faith 'stead of vision!

You're struck from behind. You better take cover!
No longer in control, you're a gonner!

Swerve in and out of every lane!
Can't steer away from anything!
Smashed your car into pieces!
Freedom not allowed!
The cars are coming from all around!
You're stuck inside a twelve car pile-up now!

Drive fast through the rain.
That's just insane.
In times like this.
It's dangerouse.
If you should blink.
Now here's what will happen to you.

Driving without any Clear sense of vision!
The road is wet and your Control starts givin'!

Your car start to slide, and then it flips over!
I bet you now wish you wern't it's owner!

You're car is facing the wrong way!
Not like it matters anyway!
Because you're hitting trees and Your top's facing down And your car is sliding all around!

Head on collision, this is lame!
End over end, it is insane!
And when you think it's ended The cars pile around,
And thay pack you in without a sound!
You're stuck inside a twelve car pile-up now!

(Instrumental Break)

All the snow is messing With your decisions.
So off you go Without Any restrictions.

Taken for a ride, and you can't revover!
The horror! It really is a bummer!

Traction's not doing anything!
You're slamming into everything!
You know you can't defeat this!
You're spinning around,
And you jump at each and every sound!

Your car is side-swiped from a train!
Fly through the air and hit a plane!
Then fall through sev'ral bridges!
Your car then shuts down,
And you think that it has ended now!
Then cars will pile from all around!
You're in a twelve car pile-up now!

(Note: Please excuse how unrealistic the last part is. At that point, I really hated the driver of that car.)