I'm Playing Mahjong
By Jay McFadden
Parody of
Somewhere I Belong

(Parody #23)

(No more Hangman.)
I just threw that away.
I'm in the mood for something that isn't quite as lame.
(So I broke loose.)
And I left all my games behind.
They were boring. I want something that will test my mind.
(Given to me.)
Was beyond anything I knew was real.
But it looked int'resting and I had time to kill.
(This game is cool.)
Now hooked, taking the game home.
It's a tile game, I know. Kinda weird, but it ownz.

Boy what a deal! It's so unreal! This has given me a thrill!
I wanna sit here and play this from noon till dawn!
(I'm playing my game, so be gone.)
Boy what a deal! Can this be real? Now excitement's what I feel!
So if you want some of my time, too bad, so long!
I'm playing Mahjong.

Now this is my kind of game.
If you're playing something diff'rent you'd have to be lame.
(Chess is no use.)
Something everyone plays all the time.
That game is just for pwning, but mine is a real test of mind.
(Give it a try.)
It really is a fun activity.
And I can't get enough of it. Nothing else is worthy to me.
(It's not for newbs.)
The kind of game I have never known.
Even if it is old, I still say that it ownz.

Boy what a deal! No longer sealed! This is giving me the chills!
It is the kind of game I've wanted all along!
(I'm playing my game, so be gone.)
Boy what a deal! Now mine to feel! The game has now been unvealed!
Now if you think that it is lame, go back to pong!
I'm playing Mahjong!

I have never known a game to be so much fun played alone!
Now that I know it's real, anything less would have to be re-sealed!
I will never play anything else, this game is really 1337!
I will play this game, today and every day...

Boy what a deal! It's got appeal! Now my boredom has been healed!
This is a challange that I've wanted for so long!
(I'm playing my game, so be gone.)
Boy what a deal! It makes me feel, like I'm on a fortune wheel!
There is no time for Crazy Eights, Snoods, or King Kong!
I'm playing Mahjong!
It's been revealed! It is a test of mind! You just can't go wrong!
This can't be real! Why did I waste my time singing you this song?!
Time for more Mahjong!

(Note: No, I am not this excited by Mahjong. I don't even play the game. This was just one of my "why not?" moments.)