Will It End
By Jay McFadden
Parody of
In The End

(Parody #27)

(It starts with one...)
One flake falls from the sky.
Then millions more will scatter before your eyes.
Ain't no surprise, but it climbed too high.
There's no way I'll survive all that snow.

(All that snow...)
Why must this seasonal thing
Always pile high In the middle of spring?
What? Holy cow, Is it still here today?
But we're just starting May.
This can't be real.

(This can't be real...)
Watch all the fluries flow.
Keep the doors closed. Lock-up the windows.
Turn the heat on, but still can't feel my toes.
I try to survive, but it's just too cold.

(Just too cold!)
I keep hoping it will slide,
But it's taking it's time.
When will it depart?
Groundhog on TV.
What is his prophocy? Another three!
Can't believe it fell so hard.

(It fell so hard) It's Just so harsh!
When will it end? It isn't on my planner!
I wish it all would never fall!
When will it end? This cold will make me shatter!

No way, Now it's July.
I'm using several mirrors to melt the sky.
T'was worth a try, but they froze in time.
Can't believe this stuff, now it's gone too far.

(It's gone too far...)
In sight of the thing that will set me free.
Thought I might shovel it off my property.
September brings several times what I'm missing.
Tell me why it had to...

(It had to fall...)
Spring comes and now there's even more.
It's snowing harder than it was a year before.
So hard to look way back when.
It fell all year round. Tell me, will it end?

(Will it end?!)
Dispite everything I tried.
There is no warmth to find.
Come on, have a heart.
I wish it would leave.
I'm begging on my knees. Just let me be!
Can't believe it fell so hard.

(It fell so hard) Filled up my yard!
When will it end? My yard's whiter than Casper!
It had to fall! Covered it all!
When will it end? I think it's snowing faster!

Snow all year long. Not cool.
This must be some kind of joke.
Tell me this.
Why can't it just pack up and go?

I hope it all melts soon!
'Cause I'm blocked off from my road!
Tell you this!
If I see one more flake of snow!

I'll trash my yard, and burn my car!
And if it ends, I may go mad with laughter!
Would get U-Hall to tow it all!
But it won't end! Nothing I do will matter!

(Note: Not one of my "why not?" moments. This is based off of the time that it snowed durring the middle of July in my area. Scarry huh?)