I'm Going Insane
By Jay McFadden
Parody of
I Want It That Way

(Parody #28)

I walk on fire.
And spin in driers.
I guess you could say.
I'm going insane.

You'll see me scream when it's dark.
Streaking through the park.
Is that sane?
No, I'm going insane.

Tell me why!
(Nothing ever brings me pain)
Tell me why!
(I sometimes think I'm a crane)
(Tell me why)
I run in the traffic to play!
I'm going insane!

I ride (ride, ride...) In tires.
Chew on live wires.
And you know it feels great.
'Cause I'm going insane.

Tell me why!
(My toes each have their own name)
Tell me why!
(I sometimes try to dodge rain)
(Tell me why)
I'm playing chicken with a train!
I'm going insane!

I like everything that glows in the dark.
Also shiny things look real neat. (Yeah)
I give no resistance.
I've lost all control.
That's what makes it fun, you see!

I don't get tired.
I'm always wired.
I've gone, (I've gone, I've gone, I've gone)
Oh, can you tell me why!

I'm always chasing snow flakes! (Why hi hi, yeah)
I run head-first into rakes! (What is wrong with my brain?)
Tell me what is wrong with my brain! (Oh man)
I'm going insane!

Tell me why!
(Most people say that I'm strange)
Tell me why!
(My face is on the front page)
(Tell me why)
I run around like an airplane!
(I do this every day) I'm going insane!

Tell me why!
(Most things that I do aren't safe)
(I like to play with big snakes)
(Tell me why)
I shoved a pitch fork through my brain!
(Through my brain, man) I'm going insane!
'Cause I have gone insane...

(Note: I had a lot of fun writing this. Hahaha! Fear me!)