Dibs On The Bazooka
By Jay McFadden
Parody of
Kids In America

(Parody #31)

Gun drawn out. A calm, steady wind blows.
Watching all the peeps in the city
fight, kill and die.
They all will atone, hear my battle cry.

Silent night, except for the shooting.
We're all packin' heat, but we're losing
I need something 1337, I must own them now.

Round town we sneak while they're snoring.
Hey, wow! Look what they are Hording.
I call dibs on the bazooka! (Uh oh)
Watch out now, 'cause I'm havin' fun! (Uh oh)
Everyone will ph3r3 when the ammo flies round!

That's right, you better run faster.
Pure joy to say to the cops
"You don't stand a chance."
No way to leave now, you're dead at first glance.

One shot and now you're livin' in slums.
Now you got lasers to combat me.
Wonder why.
But it all ends soon, better make your time.

Time charts are changin' their story.
Fine arts of double gun owning.
I call dibs on the bazooka! (Uh oh)
Because two are better than one! (Uh oh)
I will have your rear if you haven't skipped town!

(Instrumental Break #1)

Flame throwers causing more terror.
Super bombs come back into existance.
Taking flight.
The skyline will glow in the dead of night.

Outside the people are brawling.
Meanwhile the missiles are falling
You run, but there's no safty.

Come morn' the chaos will show ya.
There's no use to fight me, I own ya.
I call dibs on all of your guns! (Uh oh)
All your base are belong to us! (Uh oh)
So if you're still livin' you better bow down!

(Instrumental Break #2)

Bullet clips!
I call dibs, now I'm havin fun!

Radar grid!
Battle sims!
Now with this I am ownin' ya!

Chaos switch!
Hidden pits!
I call dibs, so you better run!

You get ticked!
But I'm slick!
It's no trick that I'm ownin' ya!

(Note: Teh most ownzyness song ever!)