Midlands skinhead smacks through open door
To beat up his children
And to drink some more beer
Get the bloody immigrants out
And put football on the telly

Ignorant teenager eagerly signs
Documents relating to BNP membership
No kind of prejudice is right
And every race is scum
But he thinks his is better

Single mother of three spends child benefit
On heroin
For the fifth time this week
Everybody needs a hobby in life
And it's fine

Local middle-class sixth-formers
Prove as ignorant as the council estate dwellers
When it comes to everything
But Shakespeare
And lone council estate dwelling
Grammar school boy
Looks on in disgust
Caught between two ignorances
And disgusted by everyone around him
The news is anathema because who's to say that it's real
And who cares about fox-hunting or war anyway?
Who cares about murder or celebrities anyway?
Who cares about anything anyway?
It's all so bloody boring.