Chapter 5: Trickery

Smash the bat broke against Tiki arm like a stick, then a silent swipe. The Minotaur grabbed it's neck and feel to the ground with blood spilling out of its throat. Roslyn watched in shocked as she just seen Tiki kill a beast with his tail.

"Weird ah" Tiki turned around to faced her. More like serial killer insane to her.

"Did you just read my mind" Roslyn said.

"Let's go in get Jake" Tiki says. They took the elevator to the top floor, and went to Roslyn room. "You got the key right" Tiki asked.

"Yeah, I got it ri… oh shit" Roslyn searched her pockets. Then Tiki took out a key card and opened the door. "How you" Roslyn asked scared.

"You dropped it while walking out the club" Tiki chuckled with a smirk.

"It was in my purse" Roslyn said. Tiki grinned in opened the door walking in. The room was the same, it was dark and empty. "They didn't make it here" Roslyn said.

"Yet, hurry up and find Jake" Tiki looked around the floor, expecting for a large dog sized dragon to pop up,

"He isn't small, he is as big as this room" Roslyn giggled.

"You're lying" Tiki said confused,

"I'm not lying" Roslyn said.

"Then were could he be" Tiki asked frustrated, if the dragon was huge why couldn't he see it. Let alone how can a large dragon fit in a hotel room.

"In a stone, which is right here" Roslyn picked up the stone that was lying on the bed.

"What kind of stone is that" Tiki asked while looking at it from over her shoulder.

"A dragon stone, Jake is inside of it, let's go" Roslyn put the stone in her back pocket and didn't even notice Tiki was still looking at the stone which changed into another view, he was actually enjoying. "Ahem" Roslyn cleared her throat, Tiki jumped out his gaze. "Were you just staring at my butt" Roslyn asked.

"What, no I was looking at the stone, lets get out of here" Tiki walked to the door then bam, the door slammed right in his face, breaking his head through it. "What the fuck" Tiki pulled his head out the door. He kicked it open then swish someone just run passes him, straight through Roslyn then out the window.

"What in the world was that?" Roslyn said looking out the window.

"I don't know" Tiki said. It must have been some sort of speed demon of the sort; no one can run that fast without being seen by him.

"I have to get going so, thanks for the help, bye" Roslyn walked out the door and went for the elevator, Tiki ran in soon as the elevator doors shut.

"In were do you think your going, it's dangerous out there I mean you got men chasing you" Tiki said.

"Like you" Roslyn said sounding sarcastic.

"Ok but, im just saying you can't leave just yet, it's night time, there are crazy people out there" Tiki explained.

"I got Jake" Roslyn walked out to the lobby as soon as the elevator opened back up.

"You need some shelter, it's cold and you need some food" Tiki said concerned.

"In let me guess you can give it to me" Roslyn stopped in stared at Tiki.

"I sure can" Tiki smiled.

"Ok but, for one night, lead the way" Roslyn said motioning for him to take the lead.

"The way is down" Tiki pointed two thumbs down.

"Huh I don't get it" Roslyn looked confused.

"Oh, once you find out you will like it" Tiki smiled boyishly.