"To Exist within your Heart"

Dear friend please forget,

I ever existed here,

I can't believe you let me so close,

allowed me to draw so near.

Because I'll only hurt you,

and then I'll hurt myself,

thats how I ended up drinking,

refusing any help.

So play it safe around me,

don't open up at all,

we can still be friends,

just hide behind your wall.

Its what I've grown accoustomed to,

everyones blank and guarded eyes,

it makes me happy to think,

that I couldn't see beyond them if I tried.

So everything is perfect,

if I don't know you at all,

you won't whisper secrets over the phone,

if I ever decide to call.

I'll never cry in front of you,

because I believe I am that strong,

even though in the back of my mind,

I know I've been tired far to long.

I'll always say I'm ok,

I won't let you near my heart,

because inside my mind,

I believe that this is smart.

I'll never ask for a hug,

I'll never be graced with a kiss,

I'd rather run away from you,

not knowing what I missed.

I have one goal in mind,

maybe one day you'll be able to see,

that i did all of this for a reason,

so you won't miss me when I leave.

So dear friend please forget about me,

I don't want to live in fear,

I just want you to forget,

that I ever existed here.

By Cassandra Freiborg 3/2/05