Why Do I Bother Loving You?

Why do I bother loving you?
Hurting me is all that you can do.
While I let your words fool me.
Pain and grief not only deceit.
Why do I let you pull me in?
I thought it was a helping hand from above.
But it was the devil himself from below.

Why do I bother loving you?
Scream and shout is all we do.
Is that what love can really do?
Tears and never-ending lies.
Hide behind that grin I despise.
Stop fooling the world and me.
Reveal yourself as the evil person you are.

Why do I bother loving you?
Hidden behind past events.
Stop believing I'm heaven sent.
How can you cause this much pain?
God these lines are said in vain.
No one listens to me when I complain.
I just feel even more shame.

Why do I bother loving you?
My heart breaking with every thought.
My life turned upside down.
As I finally hit the ground.
Bruises everywhere as I cry.
Trying to say my final goodbye.
But that's just a complete lie.

Why do I bother loving you?
All the pain you put me through.
I hate this feel welling up inside of me.
You do realise its very plain to see.
I'm killing my self as I aim to be.
I'm breaking myself as I aim to be.
That certain someone you want me to be.

Why do I bother loving you?
I can't break free from the things you do.
I can't stop and say no to you.
Wishing and praying doesn't help me now.
Why can't I just get out?
I want to say goodbye to you.
And stop these never-ending lies I spew.

But why do I bother loving you?

A/N… Plz R&R, means a lot, okay this poem is not about anyone in particular, i just came up with the first line and ran with it. I'm really proud of this one and think it's one of my best so...i hope you like.