Something's Out There

NARRATOR: Tenne, friend Arkan, his parents and brother went to the Smoky Mountains for a camping trip. They are riding bikes, taking long hikes, and just enjoying the trip. All of them cannot fit in a two-person tent, so the parents have a tent; Akran, Tenne, and his brother have one also. The kid's tent is apart from the parents. Hey, the kids could do anything they want. Maybe act hyper and play music loud. The parents maybe could have some peace and quiet, away from the kids.Anyway, the family is camping in the Smoky Mountains and lots of adventures, and you never could know, someone or something could be out there, watching them! Better take caution because in this mini screenplay, it could spook you! Maybe it could make you laugh, but I doubt it because it's freaky!

Tenne and the other kids were in the tent, telling scary stories. Arkan held the flashlight up to his face.

ARKAN: There once an old lady, who lived in a closet. She never used to live there, but when she was little her parents said to clean up her room or else they would throw her in the closet and never let her out. (PAUSE) Days came and she never had yet cleaned her room, so her mom and dad threw her in that closet. She begged and begged; even cried and banged on the door to get out. But they wouldn't let her. She sat in the closet, alone and sad. Her parents wouldn't even feed her, but they would just give her water. She would eat crumbs on the floor. (PAUSE) By the time she was in her late teens, she was still in the closet, starving and suffering. She hated her parents. She wanted to get out but couldn't. Though when she was in her late 30's, she heard that her parents died in a car accident, on the radio that she had found in the closet. She also found a can of carrots on the floor. She ate them and somehow that gave her superpowers to get out of that closet. She was free! (PAUSE) She was so mean and powerful that nobody wanted to be her friend or even go around her. She used those superpowers to eat and kill people. She was starving! (PAUSE. ARKAN PUT THE FLASHLIGHT DOWN) And still today she hunts down people and eats them. Better take caution! She's on the loose!

TENNE'S BROTHER: HA! That was the lamest, scary story I ever heard!

ARKAN: Yeah right! I bet you couldn't make up a great and scary story!

TENNE'S BROTHER: I don't want to. I wanna have fun on this trip. That's what we came for, isn't it?

ARKAN: You're just scared!


TENNE: Guys, would you please stop it!

ARKAN and TENNE'S BROTHER: No, we may not!

Something hit the side of the tent.


TENNE: What was that?

ARKAN: Could it be that old lady, who lived in a closet?

ALL: No!

They all sat there, scared. They crowded around each other. They sat and sat and sat and sat until someone came and opened the tent door…

SOMEONE: raawhh!!! Boo! Did I scare you!?

TENNE: Dad, why did you do that? You freaked us out!

TENNE'S BROTHER: See if I go hunting with you anymore!

ARKAN: I thought it was that old lady, who lived in a closet.