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Angel's Wings - Chapter1

"No!!!!! No, stop it! Stop hurting them! Why are you hurting them?!?" The little female was sobbing, and every time she tried to turn her head away from the scene before her it was jerked back into place by one of his men.

They used a quite effective method, and there were now several clumps of her long, black hair on the ground.

A man was on the other side of the clearing they were in, one of the few open spaces in this dense jungle surrounding them. What little of his skin that was not covered in clothing and weapons was covered in body art, oftentimes quite gruesome and grotesque tattoos were highly visible on his arms.

He smirked at the scene before him, as his men poured oil on the bloody carcasses that were piled in the middle of the clearing.

Most of them were dead by now. He walked over and set them aflame. He then walked over to the little girl and spoke to her, his voice harsh and cruel.

"How did you like the show my dear?? Now it's gonna happen to you, except I will simply leave you here to die, and let the animals come eat you. But not until after I've had my way with you."

He smiled at her, showing his sharp teeth, then hit her across the face, with such force that she was knocked unconscious.

- - -

Neko woke up, freezing cold, soaked to the bone with sweat. She shook the memories out of her head. She hated that dream, and all others associated with her past.

"I wish the memories would just go away." She stood up and walked out of her room, then walked over to the river, took off her gown and slipped in. The water was warm from the early morning sun.

A very large anaconda surfaced about a meter away and swam over to her, hissing a greeting to her. "Neko-ssama..."

"Hello friend, any news?" Her voice was soft and low, as smooth as satin. It had a calming effect on almost anyone who heard it.

"Yess," he hissed to her. "There iss a human in the jungle. We ssink he may be dangerousss..."

"Hmmm... Humans are not usually dangerous, just pesky. Well, I will check it out, he is in the Carasec?"

The enormous snake looked wonderingly at her. "Yess, he iss."

"Good," she replied. "I will see to the human. Anything else new?"

"Sseria had her cubss... Sree beautiful little oness."

"I will have to visit her then... Well, You probably need to go hunt, thank you for telling me. Goodbye."

The snake smiled at the polite dismissal. "No problem, none at all," he said as he slithered off to find his meal for the month.

'Well, that was interesting. A human. That is what I sensed last night. No matter, I need to go see if it is any threat to us.' Neko finished bathing and stepped out of the river, heading to the tree where she resided. She pulled up a peice of bark, fashioned as a door, and stepped into a large, spacious room.

She picked up a robe that was laying across a stool, and slipped it on, after she had dressed in her usual black tank and trousers. It was simple, a loose sleeved robe, with a detachable hood. The hems and seams were a beautiful berry pink in colour, and the material was midnight blue with silver embroidery, made with real silver, for protective purposes.

'Thank the Holy One I dry quickly... I have business to attend to.'

A colourful bird landed on her shoulder after she had put the robe on. "Hello Karma. I will be visiting Seria and looking after a pest today. Do you wish to come along?" The beautiful blue and green bird cocked her head and thought before answering in a soft, sweet voice. "Chreep! Sure, I would love that Neko-sama! Chreep!"

Neko giggled slightly at her friend's excitement. "Silly bird. Well, let us go then."

She walked out, leaving behind no trace that she even existed. Along the way to Seria's cave she stopped in front of some bushes and pulled out a scythe. It was beautifully crafted, a fine piece of workmanship. The staff was made of ebony wood, it had designs and incantations in pure silver around the handle, and spiraled grips, made of a rare pink gem found in local caves. The top of the staff had a large perfectly formed black pearl on it. The blade, sleek and sharp, was made of a special blend of metals, it was unbreakable, and it had another pink gem in the middle of it, but this one was larger than the others.

Karma and Neko continued on in silence, enjoying the beauty around them. Neko slowed as she reached a cave, there were high pitched squeals coming from inside. She knelt down and crawled inside, then stood up as she entered the main room. She walked over to Seria, a large ocelot, who began purring as she came near. "Hello, Neko! I take it you heard about my little ones?"

"Yes, Syla was very informative today. He informed me of a human in this area, also. Luckily the human is on the other side."

Seria looked questioningly up at Neko. "Neko-sama? Are you part human?" Neko smiled at her friend's inquisitiveness. "No, my father was a were and my mother an angel. But I prefer human shape to my jaguar shape."

Neko looked down at her black body. Perfect human shape, covered in black patterned fur. Aside from her fur; her tail, ears, and eyes were pretty much the only non-human thing about her. She even had long, black hair, flowing to about her hips, also patterned. Her pattern, unlike that of a normal Jaguar, looked as hot oil does when mixed with water on hard ground, like an iridescent rainbow. To her comfort, however, it only looked like that in the sun. In the shadows it was the perfect camouflage.

Neko allowed herself some time to play with the cubs, and chat with Seria before heading off to deal with the human. "Well, I'd best be off, there is still the matter of the pest to be looked after. I'll drop by later. I wish your cubs a happy and healthy life."

They would, most likely, especially since she had put her blessing upon them.

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