When they got where they were going, Erian let go of Neko's hand and calmly walked behind a tree, retching. Time travel was possibly the most unpleasant thing he had ever done, and this was not the first time he had done it. As he walked back towards Neko he saw himself coming down the path. He was about to say something, but Neko 'shush'ed him, pulling him behind a tree.

"Be quiet," she whispered to him. "We can't be seen or heard, things have to happen exactly as they did before." Erian understood now that she had used an irregular spell, because normally they wouldn't have to worry about that. Then again, normally someone wouldn't be going back to rid their forest of poachers.....

Neko and Erian looked out from behind the tree. Past Erian was kneeling down, and he had just pulled a cat out of the trap. Neko gasped lightly, it was a young male ocelot, who she recognized as Sseria's mate. She smiled softly, the respect she had for the young man beside her was growing ever so slightly.

As Erian had said, just as the ocelot ran off into the forest the poachers came at him, four of them. The tallest one knocked him out, and then the other three proceeded to drag him into the jungle, to the clearing in which she had found him. They followed the poachers silently, not letting themselves be seen.

The tallest poacher, after watching the other three beat Erian until he was almost literally black and blue, took out a long hunting knife and cut into Erians chest, back, stomach, and arms. Past Erian was slowly bleeding to death, and while the one next to Neko seemed unaffected, she could feel a change in his aura. She herself had to turn her head from the sight, and follow the poachers as they left, knowing that in this time, she would be along soon to help him. Erian followed her, keeping silent as they traveled. Neko placed her hand in his and squeezed it gently, comforting him more than she knew.

They soon reached the poachers' camp, and as they were about to step into it, Neko turned around and faced Erian, taking her hand out of his, and grinned. "Would you like to get some revenge? You can do whatever you like, as long as you don't kill them.. I need them alive, then they will rot in prison until they are beat to death by the guards or one of the other inmates..."

She said this last part unemotionally. She had long ago disillusioned herself about Brasilian prisons, they were not a place you wanted to be, but poachers were the scum of the earth. Usually after a year or two there they had learned their lesson and were released. These, however, she would be sure to have kept there for some time.

Erian thought for a moment, "No, I'd rather not... Revenge is something I learned to avoid."

Neko nodded understandingly. But that didn't change the fact she needed to rid her home of these poachers.

Silently transforming into a black Jaguar, she entered the camp, growling softly. The poachers were all still in the middle, and as they saw her and aimed their guns at her, she attacked them. She aimed for one of the shorter ones, and pushed him into a quicksand pit that had definitely not been there before. Long, thick green vines wrapped around the two other 'followers' and they were dangling upside down in midair now, struggling to get free.

The last one she was harsher with. She clawed his face, making it bleed, and then as he was about to shoot her, she transformed back to her usual form, her black angels wings sprouting from her back. He gasped as he saw her, and fell to the ground, groveling at her feet, pleading with her.

"Goddess, Princess, please forgive me, spare me..."

When Neko spoke, her voice was strong and clear, suddenly she sounded like the goddess he had called her, not the mature young woman who spoke a few moments ago. "Get up, scum. You come into my home and kill the very creatures I protect, and you dare ask me to forgive you? But I am not a pagan goddess, nor am I the Holy One, to pass judgment upon you, or to deny you forgiveness."

After she stopped speaking, he also became wrapped in vines, and the one who had gotten trapped in her sand pit was lifted up, receiving the same treatment. With a flick of her hand they were all collected together in a strong net, and she grabbed it, easily dragging it out of the camp. She reached the path, and Erian walked alongside her to the village outside of the rain forest. They walked in a comfortable silence, Neko dragging the huge net behind her, grinning when the people inside groaned as they hit rocks and other assorted items.

As they were walking Erian was thinking about something. She never denied being a princess. I wonder...

Soon Neko stopped, having reached her destination, and knocked on the door of a simple, well made hut. They were at the village now, along the outskirts of it.

The door opened, and a voice spoke to her, "Ah, Princess!" A middle aged man had answered, and upon seeing her he bowed respectfully, backing into the room. Neko followed him onto the room, as did Erian.

"Jhan, how many times must I tell you to stop calling me that? My clan is dead, how can one be princess of a clan that no longer exists?? Anyways, lets get down to business. I have poachers for you."

"Really, Mistress?" The man eyes held a look of hunger and need in them.

"Yes, four of them. All alive."

Hearing this, Jhan collapsed, sitting bewilderedly on the ground. "F- Four?" He looked from Neko to the net with the poachers, and then back to her. "This will feed the village for a month! Oh, the bounty will be huge! I will get them to the government at once. Thank you, Princess, we would have long been gone without your kind help..."

Neko grinned, rolling her eyes, and left him there, mumbling in awe.

As they left, Erian spoke to Neko. "Princess? And what's with the poachers?"

"My father was the leader of my clan, thus making me its princess. But, as you know, they were killed long ago... The locals still insist on calling me princess, though..... I guess it makes them feel like they have someone ruling over them, rather than the government who is almost nonexistent to them." She said this unemotionally, she was too weak to even bother pretending that she cared.

"As for the poachers, The government pays a large bounty to those who bring them it, and an even larger one if the poachers are alive... This village is very poor, so I can give back to them for the kindness they show me, and it benefits me as well, I lose the poachers, without killing. Well, often that is.." Her eyes saddened and her voice softened at this last part, but she shook her head, as if to clear away unwanted emotions.

Erian looked at her gently. Poor thing.... She had been through so much, yet still managed to keep such positive energy with her at all times. It really was amazing.

Neko ran ahead of him, giggling slightly and touched a tree. "I won!" She started laughing at the disapproving look on Erian's face.

"No one said it was a race, woman!" He grinned and caught up to her, tickling her sides lightly, and as she let go of the tree he said, "Tag! You're it!"

Neko smiled at this and said, looking around, "We'll finish this back home, I wanna get out of this time, its not safe...."

Erian just nodded and grabbed her hand, preparing for the feeling of having his organs pulled inside out. It came soon, and ended quickly, as he ran behind the nearest tree. Coming out from behind it he asked Neko, "How can you stand that feeling?"

She simply smiled and said, "I trained myself not to feel it...."

Grinning, she walked over to him and tapped his shoulder lightly, "Oh, by the way... you're it."

She jumped up into the tree next to him and into the next one, making him follow her as she ran through the trees. He was keeping up with her well, considering he was part human.

Running on the ground; following her every move, was tiring Erian out, slowly but surely. He just needed her to make one mistake..... And she soon did that, jumping to the ground and waiting for him to catch up. He smirked, that was just what he needed. Slowing down he reached her, and yelled out, "I give up! You have an unfair advantage!"

He almost looked like he was pouting, and Neko began walking backwards as she heard him. "Good. I was wondering when you would."

She stayed silent until she reached a beautiful clearing and looked up. Using this to his advantage, Erian tackled her to the ground, grinning. "Tag. You're it."

Neko simply smiled at him, and pointed up. He looked, and almost fell backwards with shock. Right above them was the biggest crescent moon he had ever seen. He hadn't even noticed it was nighttime. Looking back down at her, he asked, "How did you know?"

Neko simply smiled, replying, "The moon is as much a part of me as I am the earth.... I'm strongest with crescent and full cycles and weakest on the new cycle." Neko said this thoughtfully. "This is not a beginning moon, it is waning... So expect me to be irritable, depressed, and weak in a day or two."

Erian nodded, getting up and sitting next to her. She was gorgeous, and the moonlight, along with their surroundings; just enhanced her beauty, making it more mysterious and ethereal. He watched as she stood, walking along the edge of the clearing, picking the pallid flowers that grew along it.

She walked back to him, holding a bouquet of the the flowers she had just picked; and placed them in his lap, smiling.

"They're white lilies," she stated simply, sitting back down. Erian looked at her, and taking one of the blossoms, he placed it behind her ear.

Smiling, he took her hand and pulled her as he stood up. She came up, slightly bewildered. "Wha-" He placed a finger on her lips, silencing her.

Don't say anything... Just.. Dance with me....

She smiled, nodding her head as soft music started up, a product of Erians creation. They danced slowly to the music, in perfect tune with each other, almost as if they were one being. But all to soon the song ended, and Neko pulled away, blushing and looking at the ground.

Walking up to her, Erian placed a hand under her chin and brought it up. "You're so beautiful..."

Upon hearing this Neko pulled away again and ran, leaving a very confused Erian alone, wondering what he had done.

"I can't do this!"