Chapter 1: Enter Keiji. Father of the Year!

"You will die if you keep fighting me" said Keiji as he landed a blow on his opponent.

"I am not afraid of death," said his opponent, Hotaru.

"You are foolish to believe that"

Keiji was a headstrong boy of fifteen. His life was pretty simple for his age. He had his classes in the morning and would usually come home around mid-day and do things for his parents. Nothing did he enjoy more than fighting. His style, daikirai, was an art he developed himself. Although only fifteen, he had almost finished his schooling and would have more time to perfect his art.

His art was the perfection of anger; using every emotion against his opponent. Lightning speed attacks and hypnotism played a huge role in the art. Also, he had found a treasure, a way to manipulate light.

"Give up," said Keiji as he dodged another blow. Hotaru was already wincing in pain and had large gashes in her shoulder.

"Aisu!" she yelled as ice shards came shooting out of her hand at high speeds. Keiji grinned as he caught all of them, and watched them melt in his hand.

"You call yourself a master of the arts and u can't even conjure a simple ice shard. Let me show you how it is done," Keiji said as he held out his hand, palms open, "Aisu Katana!" he yelled as a sword of ice shaped itself in his palm. He held out the sword as he grinned at her.

Hotaru winced at her injuries. Damn it. I just can't beat him. He has too much energy reserves. She pulled out two Sai and charged at him.

Keiji knew exactly what she would do. He held his sword ready in front of him. He yelled as he charged up some energy. He tightened the grip on his sword as he yelled, "Manipyure-shon!" Light started to come toward him. He concentrated and the light sent a have flying at Hotaru.

Hotaru had no time to react. I'm going to die. The light wave hit her square in the chest. Damn it! Blood trickled down her chin as she hit the ground. Blood ran down the gashes in her shoulder.

"Hm, you seem beaten. You waste my time," said Keiji as he held a hand out to Hotaru. She had been beaten for the fourth time in a row. She blacked out.

Hotaru was a stubborn little girl at age thirteen. She had finished school, unlike Keiji who left school for two years to perfect his daikarai. She was his student and had learned every move that Keiji knew. Keiji was almost ten times more powerful and proficient with his attacks than she was though. In other words, she was weak. She had brown hair, which she usually wore in a pony-tail, running all the way down to her waist. She usually walked everywhere with taped hands and wrists and always wore a bright green emerald necklace, which had been given to her by Keiji, who was none other than her father.

Hotaru awoke in a hospital bed; Keiji in a chair opposite to her.

"You're weak Hotaru," said Keiji, "If I were you, I would give up. You aren't fit to be a warrior"


"You say nothing? Perhaps you are weak," was all he left as he left the room. Father is a bit too serious. Damn it!! #$!.

You are probably wondering how Keiji is fifteen and has a daughter at thirteen? Well, Keiji is actually an immortal being. Like Orochimaru, he switches bodies every fifty years. This is how he was able to become so strong, and also to perfect his daikirai.

"Hotaru?" said her mother as she ran in.


"Did your father do this to you? Damn that bastard. Come Hotaru you should quite the arts. It's too dangerous," pleaded her mother.


"Damn it! Say something! You will quit these foolish acts and live a normal life, unlike your father!"


"What? You don't seem to understand. You will die if you keep this up Hotaru!" yelled her mother

"I don't care…"

"Well, I do"

"I don't care what you think mom. You have never done anything for me! At least dad taught me stuff. The arts taught me much. You mean nothing to me"

"Well…if you feel that way. I guess I'll leave!" she cried as she left.

"…" Hotaru fell asleep.

The next morning she was let out. She had minor wounds compared to other times she fought with Keiji. He is too strong. How the hell can he manipulate light? She pondered this as she watched Keiji meditate in a corner.

"Your mother left" said Keiji sadly.

"Yeah…I know. I told her she never taught me anything and that she meant nothing to me"

"She bore you Hotaru."


"You are weak"

"Damn it! Why do you keep saying that?! Why do you not treat me like your fucking daughter?! Maybe mom was right to leave"

"But, she left because of you, not me"

"…damn it" she mumbled.

"You lack discipline. You have no control over your feelings. The feelings; Use them as a weapon. You will do well. You are not weak, unless you see yourself that way."

"…weapon," she mumbled as she walked out the door. She wasn't going back. She was going to leave, leave the town for something more, a purpose. I do nothing here but rot. I'm going to become a soldier!