The Middle East

The Middle East has proved itself a volatile place, not just historically, but even now. The contemporary age in the Middle East is especially considerable because of the events that are questioning – or, in a more optimistic and perhaps foreseeing tone, shaking – the foundations of the old, totalitarian, and religious-oriented rule.

In summary, the movement that is seemingly affecting all citizens in Middle Eastern countries and defying government Islamic policies is a movement for democracy and common liberties.

The concise message for all viewers, however, is that, despite possible partisan dismissal or advocacy of the Middle Eastern freedom movement (and despite arguable differences in logic), America as well as the world needs to recognize that this pro-democracy endeavor should be supported.

Elsewhere throughout the Middle East separate events are also evolving, those of which are just as ambiguous as the uprising of the masses. The universal circumstances throughout this part of the world currently happening demand adequate attention and analysis. I hope that I can best explain the Middle Eastern situation as well as address the theory behind these recent occurrences.