Time moves on

You move on

I'm trapped in the past

Desperate for the memories to last


You go on

Flirting with her

Dreaming of her

Letting me hurt

When your gaze of pure ice

Rips away a rather large slice

Of my heart

Where's your fragility?

You took such care with your words

Treated them like silk

Then dunked them in frigid water

Spat them my way

Perfect aim

Every time

Bull's eye

I loved the feeling of warmth I got

Whenever we'd hug, the few times we did

To know that never will I feel that way

Ever again...

For we'll hug, of course, but now I'll know

You're thinking of her and her perfect personality

Just your friend, sure, it works for you

But until I move on, I'll always dream of you

I'll always want to hold your hand

Want to hug you

Be with you whenever I'm alone

Whenever I'm cold

But you won't come for me

I could wait forever

And you'd never come

You never will