Zeus King of thunder

Queen Hera the Jealous wife

Battles of the titans of blunder

Striking love with Underworld's knife

Apollo, conveyor of light

Hades, kills a person last dying might

Aris, enjoys war through gory fight

Not knowing what to see in an Olympian night

Cronus the destroyer

Gaea the mother

Rhea the sister

Atlas the holder of dead sky Uranus, the dead father

Hera mind turn destructive

knowing a life can be difficult

Heracles, avoiding bad luck; his only adjective

seeks the light of a peace that stuck a thunder bolt

Aphrodite ways to spread true love

Fate helps Love to find soulmates

Athena wisdom is truly above

Wisdom and True love is danicing with the fates

the mytic cyclopes blinded before taking spiritaul breath

Centaur galloping with one inner desire

The deadly sirens sings till sailors fall into thier death

Pegasus heart is full of intense wild fire

One myth can start a life

Life is about living

Not stabbing it away with a deadly evil knife

there is no tomarrow

so start living now to your fullest and be HAPPY