I Don't Understand
By Trang An

I'm here in my room
Lyin' in the darkness
I couldn't stop thinkin' about you
Since the day we parted

I figured we'd let bygones be bygones
And just be friends like it was before
But the pain drags on and on
Because there is something more

I don't understand
Why are you treating me like this?
What have I done
To make you like this?

You told me that you couldn't come back yet
That you needed more time
But something changed as we spoke on the net
You felt that you committed a crime

I told you that it wasn't your fault
That I understood why
But still you felt ashamed
And we could no longer see eye to eye

Why do you push me away
When I ask what is wrong?
Why did you tell me lies
So that I would hate you?

Even though we are no longer together
We can still be friends
We can still love each other
Because feelings can have no end

Please tell me what's bothering you
Tell me why we can't still be friends
Because I don't know what to do
To tie up these loose ends

So I'll leave you alone for now
If that is what you want
But you'll always be on my mind
Whether you like it or not