Fading Away
By Trang An

I'm slowly fading away
How would you feel
When I am no longer around to be by your side
To be the friend you can rely on
To be the one who cares most about you?

I'm slowly fading away
Is there anything you'd miss?
The sweet songs I sang with you
The innocent smile I always greeted you with
The warm feeling of knowing I was there for you

I'm slowly fading away
The smile I bring to your face I'll always miss
The look in your eyes made me feel safe
My heart skips a beat every time I see you
I'll never forget you, no matter what

I'm slowly fading away
Nothing but a dream, a figment of the imagination
I do not exist; never had and never will
Though I am but a dream, I've always been real in your heart
As painful as the memories we shared will become, be strong for me
I love you now and I'll always love you forever