My family and I were out last night, and we started taking about memories that we had form our first house. I mentioned I remember someone falling down the stairs, and I thought that I had dropped my brother, seriously, I thought I dropped him down the stairs. Turns out, I fell. This is what I came up with today.

My Whole Life is a Dream

"What time remembers, Seconds forget."

Jesse Spencer, Uptown Girls

Time goes by, and I forget,

Was it a dream, or did it happen?

It's all a blur, who are these people?

Do I know these faces, this place?

What time is this, or do you not know?

Are you, too, confused?

A fall down some stairs,

Seen from another's eyes.

Did I drop him?

Me? I fell? That's strange. I thought he did.

A large church, my doppelganger,

Same cropped haircut, same scraped knees.

Oh? A dream? No one knows this?

Alright, I understand.

My whole life is a dream.