Broken Skin

Look for the girl with the broken smile.
Sitting in the corner as she cries.
With the blood running down her arm.
Tears flowing rapidly in alarm.
The things she's done are way too shameful.
She can't remember the pain, that's through.
She said the battles almost done.
She's only 5 miles form the finish.
Is this all she can claim the disappointment and shame.
As the blade she once held, now falls to the floor.
Why did she have to relive that to her core?
Silver and shiny, sharp and sleek, what's that?
Ahh, yes it's her destiny, the thing she does.
The battle was almost won, but now it's far from done.
As that once strong willed is falling slowly to pieces.
She can't help the urge, but to cut.
Why is she afraid to say no? She can't let it go.
This is not goodbye she said.
She could never kill herself and die she said.
Keeping everything inside as, she cries.
She's the person, which never seems to pull through.
Even though she knows how to come through.
Life is just not helping her, its pulling her down.
She sits alone, tears weep from those beautiful eyes.
As she tries to disguise, those painful sides, of her.
Cutting maybe her only release, I truly do weep.
For this girl is someone like me.
But I don't think I can really see.
The pain and need she truly feels for this.
Oh how I wish I could be there for her.
In darkness she is all I see.
Oh how I envy thee.
Cutting with no hesitation.
Cutting with no reservation.
How I really weep for this.
She is the girl I see everyday.
She is that girl in the bitter rain.
Find her and you will see.
She is the girl just like me.
Look for the girl with the broken smile.
And you will finally see.
That this heartbroken girl is someone close to me.

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